The Editorial Board of the "Pig Breeding» thematic journal is based on the recommendations of the Publication Ethics Committee. The accepted standards have been declared by the Elsevier Publishing Ethics Resource Kit.

Duties of Authors

1. Only the original materials can be accepted according to the topics of the journal, which have not been published before and are not under consideration in other editions.

2. Submitted materials must be designed in accordance with the established requirements of the journal.

3. All the co-authors are responsible for the content of the article, so they must be familiar with the final manuscript and consent to its publication.

4. The contributing author of the manuscript ensures that the list of co-authors includes only those persons, who have made a significant contribution to the research to which the article is devoted.

5. Authors submitting their articles must guarantee the accuracy of the information represented in their works. When using data from other scholars, authors should refer to their research in the bibliography.

6. Authors should cooperate with the Editorial Board in preparing the materials for printing.

If the author finds inaccuracies or errors in the article under review, he/she is obliged to report the Editorial Board to correct the deficiencies.

7. If the reviewing of the work raises additional questions that are indirectly related to the text of the article, the author must provide all additional information for the reviewer and publisher at their request.

8. Plagiarism in any form is inadmissible.

9. Authors should warn the Editorial Board of any real/ potential conflict of interest that may affect the evaluation and/or interpretation of the manuscript.

10. Authors should indicate sources of funding (government programs, grants, competition projects, etc.) and other support for the manuscript.

Duties of reviewers

1. Reviewers evaluate the manuscript only on the basis of the significance, relevance of the submitted materials, without regard to the authors' ethnic, religious and political affiliation.

2. Any peer-reviewed scientific work is treated as a confidential document that is not subject to discussion with third parties.

3. A reviewer may refuse to consider a study if he or she believes that his or her qualifications are insufficient to analyse the work or have a conflict of interest with the author or organization that submitted the manuscript for review. It is the responsibility of the publisher to notify the publisher and to refuse review.

4. The reviewer assists the Editorial Board in deciding whether to publish the article or to refuse publication. In addition, the reviewer assists the author in adjusting and improving his work.

5. The reviewer's comments on the article should be clear and reasoned.




In case of refusal or need for revision of the article, the reviewer must provide a written reasoned explanation of the reasons for such a decision.

6. Unpublished materials used in the submitted manuscript shall not be used in the reviewer's own research without the written consent of the author.

7. The reviewer must notify the Editorial Board of any suspected copyright and plagiarism.

Duties of the Publisher


1. The Editorial Board has the right to accept articles for publication, if there are no comments. The article can be returned for further revision or declined, if it does not meet the requirements. When deciding whether or not to approve an article, the Editorial Board is guided by the journal's policy (relevance to scientific specialization), basic requirements for publications, etc.

2. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject the articles if the author does not wish to consider the expert feedback and suggestions.

3. The Editorial Board accepts scientific works solely by their content, on the basis of reliability of data, scientific significance of the work and correctness of design regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political views, ethnicity, citizenship, etc.

4. The Editorial Board does not disclose the personal data of the authors and the information on the acceptance or rejection of the article to anyone but authors, co-authors, and reviewers.

5. The Editorial Board is committed to cooperating and engaging with the authors of the articles, providing them with the necessary assistance and answering their questions.

6. The editor-in-chief and the publisher must not leave unanswered the authors' claims for the reviewed manuscripts or published materials. In the event of a conflict situation, they must take the necessary steps to restore the violated rights.

7. Publication in the journal "Pig Breeding" is paid, but does not provide any fees in advance.