Historical background

In 1966 it was founded the interagency thematic scientific journal “Pig breeding”. The 65th issue appears to be an anniversary edition.

The journal was registered (re-registered) at the Ministry of Ukraine on December 28, 2016 (series КВ № 22453 - 12353 PR).

It is approved (re-approved) by the HAC (now DAC) of Ukraine as a professional publication in agricultural sciences (List No. 1222 of 07.10.2016; Annex 8).

The materials are printed in the optional languages - Ukrainian, Russian and English. The journal is scientific. Volume: 20 conventional printed sheets; periodically - once every six months.

However, due to financial difficulties from 2000 to 2006, the issue publications were suspended. The next 55th issue was released only in 2007.

Every year 120-150 and more scientific papers are published in the journal by the researches of the Institute and other scientific and higher educational establishments of Ukraine, CIS and foreign countries. They have been carried out as a result of experimental works on priority issues of technology production of porcine production, breeding of some domestic and imported pig genotypes, improvement of breeding evaluation, physiology of reproduction, genetics, animals feeding, economic efficiency of the breeding and the veterinarian welfare

In various years, with the fundamental materials on the pages of the journal, we became acquainted with the publications of such luminaries of Ukrainian and foreign science: Balashov M.T. (editor-in-chief of the 1st issue), Bankovskiy B.V., Berezovskiy M.D., Bilohub D.K., Vynohradskiy A.I., Voloshchuk V.M., Herasymova V.I., Hryshyna L.P., Zabolotniy I.I., Zasukha Y.V., Ivanov V.O., Ivanova J.O., Kovalenko V.F., Kovalenko M.A., Ksonz I.M., Matiitsia M.I., Mysika A.T., Nahaievych V.M., Ostapchuk P.P., Povod M.H., Pocherniaiev F.K., Rybalko V.P., Semenov S.O., Smyslov S.Iu., Soloviova I.V., Topikha V.S., Ulitka V.E., Khvatova A.I., Khokhlov A.M., Chorniy M.V., Sheiko I.P., Shostya A.M. and many others.

The “Pig breeding” has been recognized as a highly qualified journal for scientists, teachers of agricultural schools, graduate students, students and the researches of the pig industry.

Work is now being completed to include the current scientific journal “Pig Breeding” in the international scientific database. The format of the journal and requirements for publications have been adapted to the standards of the Russian Science Metric Base (RIC).

In recent years, on the initiative of the director of the institute, editor-in-chief of the journal is Professor V. Voloshchuk. The new sections have been revealed to the journal, in particular, "Young Scientist's Section", "The proposals to Pork Producers companies" and others.

in the future, we invite everyone to cooperate closely with our journal publishing.

We also consider it necessary to note the following: the editorial board of the Interdepartmental Thematic Scientific Journal "Pig Breeding" expresses its deep gratitude to the staff of the publishing house of "Tech service" LLC for timely, high quality and professional preparation for the publication of our journal and other scientific printed products during the last ten years.

The responsible secretary of the journal is A.F. Saglo