Interagency thematic scientific journal “Pig production” is included to the List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine in which the results of scientific works can be published (Registration certificate КВ № 22453-12353 PR dated 28.12.2016). It is a professional journal in agricultural branches of science (order of the Ministry of Education and Science Of Ukraine dated 07.10.2016 No. 1222). The 2016 journal is indexed by the International Science and Technology Database at the RIC. There are two issues a year.

The editorial board accepts the original experimental papers on the basic directions of the theory and practice of pig production. The results of research on priority issues of technology of pork production, breeding of domestic and foreign genotypes of pigs, physiology, genetics, animal husbandry and feeding economy.

The manuscript should be sent in duplicate on paper, as well as in electronic version to E-mail editors: Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. . The manuscript must be signed by each of the authors. Experimental works are submitted with an expert opinion on the possibility of publication from the institution where the research was conducted. If studies have been partially conducted in other institutions, they must give their written consent to the publication.

By submitting an article to a compilation, the author gives an agreement to publish published articles in scientific databases, which will include the publication.

Articles are drawn up in a Word 6 or 7 editor (A4 format with 20mm margins on each side, indentation - 1.0 characters, font 12, spacing 1.0; portrait orientation). The volume of the article should not exceed 6-12 pages, including the list of cited literature, tables, figures, summary in English and Russian.

A separate page should include contact information for the authors (full name, full name, position, academic title, place of work, postal and required email addresses, business, and home phone numbers with city code, mobile phone numbers). Formulas in articles should be typed using the Formula Editor Equation Editor (this editor is an internal formula editor in the Microsoft Word for Windows)

Manuscripts sent by e-mail are accepted. Attached to the manuscript is a doctor's review from the specialty, a copy of the check for payment, if materials for the conference, application for participation.

The main language of the journal is Ukrainian, but publications in Russian and English are allowed. In this case, the authors add to the manuscript a detailed annotation in the Ukrainian language of at least one thousand printed characters.

The structure of the article

  1. UDC Index (upper left corner).
  2. Article title (Times New Roman headset, size 12 points, uppercase, bold, centre alignment).

3. Author's names and initials (bold), academic title or title, academic institution, address, telephone, e-mail (Times New Roman headset, size 12 points, left alignment).

4. Abstract (a comprehensive and concise overview of 1800-2000 characters) and keywords (5-10 words in lower case) in the language of the article (Times New Roman headset, size 12 points, italics, two-sided alignment). At the end of the article, the author's last name and initials, article title, abstract, and keywords are in Ukrainian or Russian and English.

5. Article text (Times New Roman headset, size 12 points, two-way alignment).

Introduction (without a title). The beginning of the article summarizes the literature with reference to the sources of literature (in order of reference) and the rationale for the purpose of the study.

Materials and methods of the research. Formed so that it can clearly describe the experiment. The well-known methods are enough to give references. The names of the companies and the countries producing the reagents and materials, the type and number of experimental animals and, necessarily, the methods of anaesthesia and euthanasia in accordance with the European Convention for the Protection of Vertebrate Animals Used for Research and Other Scientific Purposes (Strasbourg, 1986) ).

Results and discussion. It is not necessary to give the same results in tables and figures. If there is a spreadsheet, no digital material should be included in the text, only indicate changes in metrics with probable differences (p <) in times or percent, correlation (r =). If there are figures in the article, the numerical data (arithmetic mean and deviation, fluctuations) should be given in the text.

The conclusions are formed from 5-10 sentences.

Prospects for further research or production recommendations (up to 4 sentences).

Bibliography - in capital letters, in the order of mentioning, in the original language

6. The reference list (REFERENCES) should be provided as a separate document, which will duplicate the list of sources in the main list but be issued in accordance with international database requirements (as required by Scopus). Namely: all sources in the main list are in Cyrillic, transliterated, and the title of the article and the publication in which it is published, must be additionally translated into English. In addition, if there are four or more authors in a given source of literature, the names of all authors without exception should be indicated in this list. The punctuation marks are placed according to foreign bibliographic standards. If the reference list of the article contains references to foreign publications, they  have to be repeated in the second transliterated list, but with the punctuation marks placed according to foreign bibliographic standards.

7. The author's agreement certificate shall be provided separately: (12 points) in the middle of the article "name in bold"; full name; scientific rank; completely: position, academic institution, address; telephone, e-mail.

On the website there is an opportunity to use the program of transliteration of the Russian text for free. On the site - the Ukrainian text in Latin. The programs are very simple, easy to use both for prepared links and for transliterating different parts of descriptions. By choosing BGN as an option, we get images of all the corresponding letters. Insert the entire text of the bibliography in Russian into a special field and press "In translit", in the second program the text in Ukrainian - "Convert". Then we make the necessary changes and additions.

Samples of the bibliographic description design

List (as required by Scopus)

Boroday, I. S. 2012. Teoretyko-metodolohichni osnovy stanovlennya ta rozvytku vitchyznyanoyi zootekhnichnoyi nauky – Theoretical and methodological bases of formation and development of native livestock science. Vinnytsya, 416 (in Ukrainian).

Kostenko, V. I., Y. Z. Sirats'kyy, Yu. D. Ruban, M. I. Admin, and S. I. Shevchenko. 2010. Tekhnolohiya vyrobnytstva moloka i yalovychyny – Technology of production of milk and beef. Kyiv, Ahrarna osvita, 529 (in Ukrainian).


The author's summary repeats the structure of the article and briefly outlines the purpose and objectives, methods, results, conclusions. The volume of the text of the author's abstract is determined by the content of the publication (the amount of information, its scientific value and / or practical value), it should be up to 1800-2000 characters.


References in foreign-language should be given in the original language. References to unpublished material are not permitted. References to papers of recent years should prevail in the list of references (in order of mentioning).

Bibliographic description rules for the reference list

(CHICAGO STYLE: AUTHOR p. 93-101, "CHICAGO STYLE: AUTHOR DATE", International Citation Styles and References in Scientific Papers, Kyiv, 2016)

"International Citation Styles and Links in Scientific Papers", Kyiv, 2016)

All authors should be listed in the references. The last author is spelled "and" (see bibliographic description of the books with authors).

It is necessary to reduce the number of pages where it is possible, for example, if the citation is placed on pages 123-124, then 123-4 is indicated in the note. This rule also applies to years (multi-volume publications), for example, 1996-98 instead of 1996-1998.




Book: 1 or more authors

Last name 1, First name1, First name2 Last name2, First name3 Last name3, and First name4 Last name4. Year. Book Title: Subtitle. Place of Publication: Publisher.

Pollan, Michael. 2006. The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals. New York: Penguin.

Ward, Geoffrey, and Ken Burns. 2007. The War: An Intimate History, 1941–1945. New York: Knopf.

Timoshik, Nicholas. 2004. Publishing and editing. Kiev: In Yure.

Lomnitskaya, Yaroslav, and Nadezhda Chaban. 2009. Chemical and physicochemical methods of analysis in ecological research. Lviv: LNU Publishing Center. Ivan Franko.

Shulgin, Vasyl, Mykola Slobodyanyk, and Vadim Pavlenko. 2014. Chemistry. Kharkiv: Folio.

Shulhin, Vasyl, Mykola Slobodainyk, and Vadym Pavlenko. 2014. Khimiai. Kharkiv: Folio.

A book without an author

Name of editor or translator or compiler, Name, the position

 *. Year. Book Title: Subtitle. Place of Publication: Publisher.

* abbreviated

Lattimore, Richmond, trans. 1951. The Iliad of Homer. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Фіголь, Надія, уклад. 2009. Українська мова. Київ: НТУУ “КПІ”.


Part of the book

The name of the book author, Name. Year. Title of the book. In Book Title, Editor Info, Page Space of a Book Part. Place of publication: Publisher.

Kelly, John. 2010. Seeing Red. In Anthropology and Global Counterinsurgency, edited by John Kelly, Beatrice Jauregui, Sean Mitchell, and Jeremy Walton, 67–83. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.


Multi-volume editions

Full name. Year. Name of the multivolume work: Subtitle. Number of volumes. Place of Publication: Publisher.

Tillich, Paul. 1951–63. Systematic Theology. 3 vols. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.


Multi-volume edition (separate volume)

Full name. Year. Title Title: Subtitle. Volume number in the title of the volume work. Place of Publication: Publishing House, Years of multivolume work.

HayekF. A. 1995. Contra Keynes and Cambridge: Essays, Correspondence. Vol. 9 of The Collected Works. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1988–97.



Full name. Year. Book Title: Subtitle. Place of Publication: Publisher. URL.

Kurland, Philip. 1987. The Founders’ Constitution. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.


Journal article (print)

Last name, First name. Year. “Article Title: Subtitle. ”Journal Title Journal Number: The page spacing of the entire article.

Weinstein, Joshua. 2009. “The Market in Plato’s Republic.” Classical Philology 104:439–458.


Journal article (online)

Last name, First name. Year. “Article Title: Subtitle. ”Journal Title Journal Number: The page range of the entire article. Date of appeal *. DOI or URL.

* for needs

Kossinets, Gueorgi. 2009. “Origins of Homophily in an Evolving Social Network.” American Journal of Sociology 115:405–450. Accessed February 2, 2010. doi:10.1086/599247.


Newspaper article


Last name, First name. Year. “Article Title: Subtitle. ”Newspaper Title, Issue Date.

Mendelsohn, Daniel. 2010. “But Enough about Me.” New Yorker, January 25.


Newspaper article (online)

Last name, First name. Year. “Article Title: Subtitle. ”Newspaper Title, Issue Date. Date of appeal *. URL.

* for needs

Stolberg, Sheryl. 2010. “Wary Centrists Posing Challenge.” New York Times, February 27. Accessed February 28, 2010. /28health.html.


Abstract or thesis

Full name. Year. “The name of the job. ”Type of work with indication of author's degree, University at which is protected


Choi, Mihwa. 2008. “Contesting Imaginaires in Death Rituals during the Northern Song Dynasty.” PhD diss., University of Chicago.


Conference materials

Full name. Year. “The name of the performance. ”Conference information, Conference venue, Conference date.

Adelman, Rachel. 2009. “Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made.” Paper presented at the annual meeting for the Society of Biblical Literature, New Orleans, Louisiana, November 21–24.



The name of the inventor, Name. Year of publication. The name of the invention. Patent number *, date of application, and date of publication.

* specify country

Iizuka, Masanori, and Hideki Tanaka. 1986. Cement admixture. US Patent 4,586,960, filed June 26, 1984, and issued May 6, 1986.


Official document

Name of an official organization. Year. The name of the document. Convention Number, Session Number, Date.

U.S. Congress. House. Committee on International Relations. 1997. The Threat from International Organized Crime and Global Terrorism: Hearing before the Committee on Intonational Relations. 105th Cong., 1st sess., October 1.


Research report

Full name. Year. Job Title: Subtitle (Report Number). Place of Publication: Publisher.

Rowe, I., and N. Carson1981. Medical manpower in Victoria (Report No. 4). East Bentleigh (AU): Monash University, Department of Community Practice.



Site name. Year of publication or last modified. “Article Title.” Date of publication * or hit or last modified. URL.

McDonald’s Corporation. 2008. “McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Safety Facts.” Accessed July 19. corp/about/factsheets.htm l.




The publications of the paper in the journal “Pig breeding” are considered subject to editorial requirements and payment.

Payment for the publishing of scientific articles (for 1 sheet, which is 2 thousand characters or 2 drawings), is established, as follows:

 for members of the editorial board, staff, graduate students, applicants of the Institute - 20 UAH,

 for the researches from another institute and organizations - 40 UAH,

 for employees of the Institute together with authors of other institutions and organizations - 30 UAH.

The cost of publishing an article (and / or a copy of a journal) specified in the payment document shall not include the cost of banking services.

Set the cost for one copy of the journal 50 UAH.

Mailing of journals to authors is not carried out.

Photocopying of articles (at the request of the authors) is carried out at a cost of 30 kopecks. per page.

Preferential articles should be submitted to the editorial board of the journal under the signature of the Director of the Institute, the Deputy Director for Scientific Work and the Chief Accountant.

Editorial address: 36013, Poltava, Shvedska Mohyla St.,1. Institute of Pig Breeding and agroindustrial production of NAAS of Ukraine, editorial board of the interagency thematic scientific journal “Pig breeding”:

- room. 219, 221, tel .: 067-538-25-45

- e-mail: Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. ., (section on the website "Journal" Pig breeding ").


Payee: Institute of Pig Breeding and Agrarian Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 36013, Poltava, Shvedska Mogila, 1, EDRPOU 00497006, MFI 831019, R / R 31254272210150, GUDKS of Ukraine in Poltava region, IPN 004970016014.

Purpose of payment - "For the article in the" Pig breeding " journal and / or" For the paper in the "Pig breeding" journal. The name, surname and patronymic of the author who pays for the publication of the article must be specified. It is inadmissible to pay through Ukrposhta.


1. Submission of the article to the editor in charge (rooms 219, 221; tel. 067-538-25-45) directly or by email ( Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. ) for initial review for compliance (see “Regulations on the formation of interagency thematic scientific journal "Pig breeding").

2. Return the article to the author for revision with appropriate recommendations (if necessary).

3. Finalizing the article by the author and submitting it in electronic and printed form to the editor (rooms 219, 221; Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. ) to determine the cost of publishing the article.

4. Payment by the author of the publication of the article and (if necessary) a printed copy of the journal at any banking institution.

5. Providing the author directly or by sending a letter to the responsible editor of two copies of the article signed by the author, review, expert opinion, original or a copy of the bank payment document.

6. Placement of the article in the journal (in the printed version of the journal and in the electronic version of the journal on the website of the Institute of Pig Breeding and Agricultural Production of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine:, section "journal" Pig breeding ").

The author receives the journal from the editor-in-chief (2nd floor, rooms 219, 221) (subject to advance payment of the journal copy), or free of charge at the Institute's website, section "Journal" Pig production ". Mailing of journals to authors is not carried out.

Warning! In the case of receiving an article with a violation of the proposed "RULES", the editorial board reserves the right to return the manuscript to authors for revision without registering it