Pig Breeding. The interdepartmental subject scientific digest



The thematic scope of the journal: represents the results of the scientific researches on priority issues of production technology of porcine production, breeding of some domestic and imported pig genotypes, improvement of breeding evaluation, physiology of reproduction, genetics, animals feeding, economic efficiency of the breeding and the veterinarian welfare


Year of foundation: 1966

ISSN 0371-4365


Certificate of state registration: in the Ministry of Ukraine, series КВ № 22453-12353 PR dated 28.12.2016.


The journal is registered in the International scientific and metric database "RINC" (Russian index of scientific citations), (license agreement № 479-09 / 2016 dated 2.09.2016) and being indexed in the search engine"Google Scholar".


Professional registration in the HAC (Highest Attestation Commission) of Ukraine: The collection is approved by the HAC of Ukraine as a professional publication in agricultural sciences. It can reveal the results of the thesis for achieving the scientific degrees for doctor and post-doc can be published (MES Order of Ukraine No. 1222 of 07.10. 2016; Annex 8).

Electronic copies of the journal issues are deposited to the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine.


The periodicity of the journal one issue in half a year.


Possible language options of the journal: Ukrainian, Russian, English.


ISSN 0371-4365


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